Wednesday Outdoor Afternoon Fun!

Sponsored by the Wellesley Service League

PK-8th Graders Welcome!
12-2pm @ Barton Road Community Center
Oct 7 & 21 + Nov 4 & 18
Every attendee entered into raffle for prizes!

  • October 7: Linden Sandwiches
  • October 21: Baked Ziti
  • November 4: Taco Bowls November 18: Pizza

All lunches will be served in individual containers for Covid-19 safety

 Boys Activities                             
  • October 7 – Soccer w/ Wellesley United Coaches
  • October 21 – Apple Pie Making
  • November 4 – CrossFit w/ Ronda Rockett
  • November 18 – Soccer w/ Wellesley United Coaches
Girls Activities
  • October 7 – Yoga for Kids & Teens
  • October 21 – Apple Pie Making
  • November 4 – Dance & Cheerleading Part 1
  • November 18 – Dance & Cheerleading Part 2

All fall activities will be held outdoors adhering to social distancing guidelines – Masks Required Please. If there is rain, programs will be canceled but the lunches will still be distributed in front of the Community Room.

Lucky Winners of the Summer Art Activity!

Resident Services

RSC for the Wellesley Housing Authority provides a connection between residents and the support services within Wellesley and neighboring communities. The RSC is here to assist WHA residents with programs and services such as: education (Adult Education, English as a Second Language, College, Trade Schools); child care; health care; wellness; nutrition and meals; continued independent living; money management (savings and budgeting); transportation; and case management. The RSC is here to address the main needs and difficulties of residents that have the potential to jeopardize tenancy.

Through case management services and goal identification, the RSC will aim to enhance residents’ quality of life by sustaining effective partnership with other agencies in the community such as: Wellesley Council on Aging; Friendly Aid Society; Rotary Club; Wellesley Service League and Wellesley Board of Health. The RSC is committed to assist residents by linking them to additional services and resources to help individuals and families thrive.

All residents of Wellesley Housing Authority properties are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many services provided by the Resident Service Coordinator.