Residents Corner

Adriana & Rachel’s Mobil Library

July 28- 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM- Barton Road Community Center

FREE brand-new books and art kits!

The program provides free, brand-new books for preschool and elementary-aged children, including titles recommended by the librarians for summer reading. As in previous years, the fair is set up outside in front of the community center, and families can come to browse books to take home!

Adriana’s sister has been volunteering with the program in previous years, and this year was awarded a grant to run her free art program during the event. She will provide art kits and will instruct the children in a tutorial.

Automatic Laundry has upgraded all our laundry facilities- new machines & card system!

The new washer and dryer now operate by a CARD SYSTEM. Wellesley Housing Authority and Automatic Laundry are not responsible for lost or stolen cards, and we do not refund balances on cards. If you want assistance adding value to your laundry card, don’t hesitate to contact the office or email

The card system has three ways to add Value:

  1. Using Cash at the kiosk located at the specified location
  2. Using your credit card online
  3. By mail via check or money order payment

*Max value on a laundry card is $60.00

Adding Value to your Laundry Card using Cash at the kiosk:

  1. Tap your laundry card on the display screen
  2. Press “CASH”
  3. Insert bill- $5, $10, or $20 bill
    • The bill kiosk does not make change
  4. Tap your laundry card on the display screen again
  5. Your new balance will display on the screen
  6. Value has been added to the laundry card

Add Value using your Credit Card Online to receive a 7 Digit Code:

  1. Go online to click on the white card – Click on “Register it’s Free”
  2. Fill out the Registration Form, then Click on Register
  3. Sign into your account and click on Laundry Portal at the top of the page
  4. Click on Add Value/Value Code – Follow the steps to charge your credit card and receive a 7-digit code
  5. in Blue – Two Step Process – Take your Laundry Card to the Add Value Box and follow the Code instructions
  6. Tap your Laundry Card on the display screen and press “Value Code.”
  7. Your Online Code will appear on the display screen, press “Confirm,” then TAP your laundry card again on the display screen, and your New Balance will display on Screen
  8. Value has been added to your Laundry Card

To Purchase a New Laundry Card using Cash at the Box:

  1. Press “Buy Card” and then Press “Cash”
  2. Insert a $5.00 Bill Only (Box does not make change) (one bill per transaction)
  3. Your New Laundry Card will dispense out of the machine
  4. Cards will dispense out with NO VALUE on them

Add Value to Laundry Card by Mail – Check or Money Order Payment:

Mail Check or Money Order to: Automatic Laundry Service – 45 Border Street – Newton, MA 02465
Attn: Customer Service – Include your Laundry Card Number – Phone Number – Complete Address

Thank you, Wellesley Service League!

Thank you for your continued support of the Wellesley Housing Authority. WSL is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization established to provide volunteer services to the community. We can’t thank the organization enough for their support and $500 donation to our community!