Board of Commissioners


Mission Statement

The Wellesley Housing Authority’s (WHA) mission is to provide clean, safe, and well-maintained housing for low to moderate-income seniors, disabled adults, veterans, and families in which to live and raise their families while respecting their rights and privacy.  WHA is committed to fair and non-discriminatory policies and practices throughout all of its housing programs and activities.

Wellesley Housing Authority Board

Local Housing Authorities are run by a Board of Commissioners made up of residents of the community in which they are located. A Local Housing Authority is the principal housing advocate within its community, charged with planning and implementing a balanced housing program. In addition to planning, advocating, and determining the needs of the low-income population, the board has the responsibility of placing the agency’s operations in the context of policy.

All the laws, regulations, and local requirements that impact the operations, residents, and staff of a local housing authority are placed within the policy framework by its Board of Commissioners.

The WHA Board of Commissioners consists of five (5) members, three (3) of whom are elected through the town electoral process, one (1) of whom is a resident appointed by the Select Board, and one (1) who is appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts.

Wellesley Housing Authority Commissioners:

Community Meeting with Wellesley Housing Authority Board Members:

Please join us for an open conversation with a WHA Board member!

Each month we will have a different board member join us to discuss residents’ concerns, listen to suggestions, and get new ideas on achieving the goals of fulfilling the WHA’s mission. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Board to hear your thoughts directly and for you to put progress in motion through conversation.

WHA Resident Meeting Schedule 2023

  • Barton Road Community Room – 3/8 and 7/12- 7:00 pm
  • Waldo Court/Linden Street (Laundry Room) – 5/17 and 10/18 – 7:00 pm
  • Washington Street Community Room – 4/19 and 9/13- 11:00 am
  • Weston Road Community Room-  6/14 and 11/15- 11:00 am
  • River Street Community Room-  3/15 and 8/16- 11:00 am