WHA Notices

WHA Executive Director Message:

November 18, 2020

Dear Residents,

I reach out to you today to notify you that Pam Meehan, the Resident Services Coordinator, will be taking medical leave immediately. The time frame for Pam to return is undecided. We are planning for Pam to be out for at least one month, if not longer.

The Wellesley Housing Authority will be working in conjunction with the Town of Wellesley social workers to maintain our residents’ services. If you need assistance, please reach out to Jacqueline Sullivan jsullivan@wellesleyhousing.org so she can coordinate with you.

As a friendly reminder, here are the email addresses for the WHA staff:

Sean Barnicle, Executive Director – Sbarnicle@wellesleyhousing.org

Jacqueline Sullivan, Deputy Director – Jsullivan@wellesleyhousing.org

Viviana Veira, Director of Finance and Human Resources – Vveira@wellesleyhousing.org

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.